Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ensworth's Biggest Fan!!

High school football is in full swing here in Tennessee. Our Ensworth Tigers are doing awesome this year so far. Tommy LOVES going to the games and seeing all the boys that he knows. This is him at the first game where he was so excited he couldn't contain himself. It was adorable!!!

Lunch with Antonio

In June, we got to have lunch with our favorite UT player, Antonio Richardson. We are so proud of him and excited to watch him START this year for the Vols. Woo hoo! He is so good to my sweet little boy and we loved getting a little of his time this summer. Keep an eye out for #74 on the Big Orange this year. Tommy will be taking his first trip to Knoxville in September for the UT/Florida game.

Family pics

In May, my incredibly talented co-worker, Brooke, took some family pictures for us at a nearby park. She got some amazing candid "non-posed" shots, which is exactly what I wanted. I had so many favorites among the 200+ pictures she took, but I tried to narrow it down on the blog! I am so blessed to have this sweet, beautiful family!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So apparently Callie will be following in Tommy's footsteps somewhat in the hair department. She may be a little ahead of where he was but not by much! These are from May of this year, when she was about 13 months. I keep waiting to be able to put a bow in her hair, but as is consistent with her personality, she prefers to do things on her terms and not ours :)

Last Sunday was my niece Catherine's first Communion. Neither Tommy nor Callie actually came to the mass but they were ready to party afterwards. I had to include this pic b/c I think it is so cute! And the baby is our brand new niece, Jane, Rob and Lara's precious baby girl (only 2 weeks old!). She and Callie are going to be best buddies, I am sure of it!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Callie is one already!?

It is hard to believe but our little Callie turned one on April 12th! She is currently weighing in at the 50th percentile and she is in the same percentile for height, so she is a little behind her where her big brother was. Don't let all the rolls fool you! Her most impressive stat is the 95th percentile in head circumference! So she is our little lollipop I suppose. She is still sporting only 2 teeth and is far behind her little buddies in that area. She has started to walk and can put together about 12 steps now when she is really motivated, but she only does it on her terms. For her birthday, we had a really small party with her 3 little girl buddies who are within a few weeks of her age-wise. Two of them also have older siblings that Tommy adores.

Callie's buddy Ellie...wish she would have given Callie some hair for her birthday!

Here is Caroline...these 2 are only 2 days apart. Again, more hair than Callie!

And here's Lila, the daughter of one of my friends from work. And yes, more hair!

Like a little bride and groom!

Callie loved the cake once Tommy showed her that she could actually put it in her mouth. Then, per Nana's suggestion, we stripped all the babies down to diapers and decided to let them have a go at it. It was our own little Hunger Games! You can see that all the babies had quite different reactions, but the birthday girl loved it the most.
On your mark...

Caroline was not a big fan, and Callie is thinking, how do you not LOVE this?!

More for me then!!

Not interested at all!

Feels great on the legs!

The big kids were chomping at the bit for their turn!

Finished product right before a bath.

Easter 2012

I think my favorite part about Easter this year must have been the matching outfits for the kids. Thanks to awesome hand me downs from Aunt Jessie and Uncle Dan, Tommy had some rockin' seersucker madras shorts and Callie had a little bubble outfit that matched. For some reason I am loving when I can do this with the kids, like the matching Christmas PJs. Not that I am some crazy mom who will do it all the time but once or twice a year is so sweet! Anyway, Easter was a great day. We actually got a seat at church, which was a plus having all 4 of us, then we spent a great day at Nana and Pops house. Tommy, of course, loved the Easter egg hunt, and you can see that all Callie really cared about was opening the eggs and putting them in her mouth. It was even warm enough for the kids to get in the jacuzzi to sport their new matching cousin swimsuits from Nana and Pops (no pics of that though...how did I miss that photo op?)

 And here is Callie taking apart the Easter baskets. Awesome double chin shots. She couldn't have cared less about what the Easter Bunny brought...she just wanted the grass.